Winter Skin Care Tips For Soothing & Healthy Skin

Winter Skin Care
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Winter Skin Care Tips For Soothing & Healthy Skin

Winter Skin Care. Glowing, hydrated and even-toned skin is coveted by women of all age groups. Haven’t we all been in awe of the flawless skin of celebrities and newborn babies? Well, it turns out you can have it too! No, it doesn’t involve hours of care and a host of pricey products. All you need are some simple skincare tips to glow like a diva! Read on to how your skin can shine through the gloomy season.

Limit Shower Time

Nothing is more satisfying than a long hot shower on winter mornings to take you through the chilly winter day. While you may come out of the shower feeling fresh, your skin has been stripped off most of its moisture! Surprised? Human skin is best cleansed during a 5-10 minute shower with lukewarm water that drives off dirt but locks in the moisture. So the next time you feel like turning the heat on full-swing, cut your skin some slack.

Load Up On Sunscreen

You may wonder how sun rays can possibly cause damage through all the clouds and winter mist. Don’t be fooled by the overcast weather. You are susceptible to harmful UV rays even on the gloomiest of winter days as they can permeate through the clouds and penetrate your skin. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen every time you step out to ensure even-toned skin free from sun damage.

Moisturise & Moisturise More

If there is one skin mantra we could instill across all age groups, it would be the importance of moisturizing. More so in winter, we would absolutely recommend picking up an extra dollop of moisturizer and pampering your skin with a gentle circular massage to drive all the moisture in. Inculcate a skin regime at night that involves cleansing and moisturizing and you will have skin that is everybody’s envy!

Eat Right & Stay Hydrated

Haven’t we all heard the age-old saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, it turns out it couldn’t be truer when it comes to our skin. No amount of external skincare can help if your diet is heavy on processed foods and sugar. Eat clean, include green vegetables in your diet and sip on water through the day to watch your skin reflect all the goodness your body is getting!

Follow these simple skin hacks to pave the road to healthy skin that radiates from within. Remember, healthy skin is happy skin. Read more to know more!

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