Valentine’s Day Week List 2021 Dates Schedule Full List 7th-14th February

Valentine Day Week List 2021

Valentine Day Week List 2021

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Valentine Day Week List 2021 Dates Schedule Full List 7th-14th February

Valentine Day Week List 2021. The month with 7 most romantic days of the year is just around the corner. It’s time to pamper your love. We know there’s a whole lot to love about the entire year. But Valentine’s Week is a bountiful scent of romance and love and whatnot. It magically turns all of us into hopeless romantics.

Check out the Valentine’s Day week list 2021 from 7th to 14th February. Save the dates as you will never have enough time to make it special-

  1. Rose Day: Friday, February 7th, 2021
  2. Propose Day: Saturday, February 8th, 2021
  3. Chocolate Day: Sunday, February 9th, 2021
  4. Teddy Day: Monday, February 10th, 2021
  5. Promise Day: Tuesday, February 11th, 2021
  6. Hug Day: Wednesday, February 12th, 2021
  7. Kiss Day: Thursday, February 13th, 2021
  8. Valentine’s Day: Friday, February 14th, 2021
Valentine Day Week List 2021
Valentine Day Week List 2021

Confused about how to make you are significant other feel special? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into some amazing ideas that can make your Valentine Week 2021 way more exciting:

Rose Day– What’s your first thought about a rose? That’s the thing about roses. If love were to have a fragrance, it would be of roses. If you have no romantic quotes on the head or no lavish gifting ideas, the rose will be at your rescue forever Period.

It isn’t surprising that Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week. By offering a rose to your loved ones, you can whisper what would otherwise remain unsaid.   

The idea for Rose Day 

How about giving a beautifully written note along with the rose? You can even get a bar of customized chocolate rose made.

This day takes an entire year to be back. Make it count buddy.

Propose Day– Folks it’s time to bring your internal Rumi out. Surf it or write on your own. Do all that it takes. Because it’s the time now you can finally tell the tale. Propose Day gives you the opportunity to explain how you fell head over heels.

The idea of Propose Day

Butterflies in the stomach? We understand this is a bit scary but not expressing is even worse. Find out what your partner likes. For instance, if he/she is an avid reader, gift a book. On the bookmark, inscribe your emotions. That way you won’t be nervous plus the book lover would be highly impressed.

Chocolate Day– The day is as delicious as it sounds. This day needs to be on the calendar every single month. We know you cannot agree more.

The idea for Chocolate Day

Chocolate is like a chance to add some flavor to your relationship. You can always take customized chocolates from the market. But if you actually make them, you have nailed it, bro. And tutorials are just a click away.

Teddy Day– Cute teddy in your arms while you were on that romantic call. This warmth rejuvenates the love potion like never before.

The idea for Teddy Day

Gift your loved ones some tight cuddles in the form of a teddy. Alternatively, you can give a mug with his/her image printed which says “Cutest teddy or My teddy.”

Promise Day- Shower your love by making a lifelong promise. The promise of being true. The promise of being there forever. The promise of communication. The promise of space. The promise of freedom. The promise of respect. Be the home they can come back to. Always.

The idea for Promise Day

In a box, put various chits with each containing a promise that you want to make. Words are powerful and mushy talks always memorable.

Hug day– Perks of being in love? Tight and warm hugs.

Remember the last time you hugged your partner and got rid of a tiring day? This time you can make it even more special. Hug your partner and let the warmth do the talking.

The idea for Hug Day

Let your love know that in his/her arms lies your world. The hug is not just an action. It’s an emotion. You can also give a cushion with some cute images. When you aren’t around, this cushion will serve the purpose.  So this Hug Day, cuddle up and don’t leave.

Kiss day– Valentine’s Week doesn’t seem to hold back at all. And look who’s here? Kiss Day.

The idea for Kiss Day

Tell your partner that you are willing to burn some calories. And what better than a sweet kiss? Jokes apart.

Your first kiss will be cherished lifelong. And indeed it should be.

After all, it bridges the gap between two people and unites them into one. As a sensation, it comes so naturally to every lovesick creature on earth. Doesn’t it?

Do carry some mint along. And if you are lucky, Cupid might be on your side.

Valentine’s Day– Alright. So the day we all waited for has finally arrived- 14th February, Valentine’s Day. It’s a day dedicated to everyone who is in love. Couples have their own celebrations to make. Singles have parties to attend with their friends or parents. This day seems to paint the entire world red in love.

The idea for Valentine’s Day

Decorate your house with red streamers, order a heart-shaped chocolate cake or take your partner to some fancy restaurant. How about going on a long drive with a pint of beer? Movie dates are a great option when you are afraid of being caught by family.

Look, it’s about the time you spend together. The cliché ideas will never get out of time. Like playing the guitar or singing a romantic song. Just be yourself.

“Will You Be My Valentine”, resonates in our hearts. This day isn’t the end of the valentine week list. It is rather a new beginning. Life thrives on love. We all long for love. We all are in love.

Days of Valentine Week are an expression of love. Tell your mom, dad, sibling, partner or friend that you love them. You will bring them to life all over again. For the rest of your life, for the rest of their life, be a Valentine.

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