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How to Describe Yourself in a Job Interview? | Questions With Answer  

One of the primary questions each recruiter asks in a job interview is, “Describe yourself in one word or How would you describe yourself?” There are different means and ways to handle this question. But, the correct methodology is to arrive at an explanation that makes you the ideal candidate for the specific job.

One way is to depict the exact internship, training, experiences, and individual qualities that are firmly related to the job.

In your first job interview, your questioner will get some information about yourself or describe yourself. It is their method for obtaining insights about your characteristics and qualities. It is the recruiter’s way to deal with see whether you have the right skills for the job. How to Describe Yourself in a Job Interview?

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Thus the question “How will you describe yourself” gets tossed at you. To give your best shot, incorporate quantifiable outcomes to exhibit your best qualities that are relevant for self-introduction in the interview.

Way to approach the “Describe yourself” Interview Question

1.   Do your proper research to handle “How will you describe yourself” interview question.

Take a gander at examples and sample answers to “Describe yourself” interview question.

In this particular section of the article, we have confined sample answers to assist you with handling the HR interview questions effortlessly.

Sample answer 1: For an Engineering Graduate or Fresher

“I am an ambitious and self-driven engineering graduate. This is my first job interview and hence I would like to point out for the first time that I actually thrive on challenges. I have this habit of setting personal goals and achieving them, be it a cricket match or a mechanical engineering project like dismantling and reassembling a 4-stroke engine. This is a way I push myself to look forward to something good and achieve nothing but the best. I have this habit of looking for an opportunity to do better than my past performances and eventually attain excellence. I would like to add that due to these personal traits, I was elected the class representative 4 times in a row for academics, placements, and extracurricular activities.”

Sample answer 2: For a Commerce Graduate or Fresher

“As a B. Com student, state-level orator, and as an intern at a leading Accountancy firm, my mantra to succeed has always been the same “I can win!” You must have guessed already that Shiv Khera is my favorite author. Speaking of my background, my father is a CA and runs his own firm. He is my idol and my hero too. Watching him while growing up, it was crystal clear in my head that I wanted to take up commerce and ace in it like him. Honestly, I have inherited a never-say-die spirit from him, which led me to top my B. Com batch and take a gold medal back home.”

Sample Answer 3: General Answer

I’m the kind of person who knows how to execute difficult tasks with precision. I pay attention to all the details of a project. I make sure that every job is just right and that it is completed on time.

2.   Use Power Words Where Essential

Power words are passionate words fully packed with persuasion. Most brilliant interviewees sprinkle their answers with cautiously picked power words. These douse your answer with tangible details, which can draw the recruiter one emotion to another as skillfully as any screenwriter or novelist. Make sure to use these powerful words in your Career objective for Resume also.

  • Convey positive energy with words like Enthusiastic, Energized, Love, Interested, Priority, Motivated, and Win.
  • Convey obligation with words like Detail-arranged, Accomplish, Effective, Coordinate, Organize, Maintained, Reorganize, Practical, Responsible, Team player, Results-situated, and Leadership
  • Convey leadership with words like Build, Accelerate, Coordinate and Accomplish

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3.   Stay away from these blunders while responding to the interview question “Describe yourself.”

Try not to continue mumbling words again and again. If you can’t outline an answer in your mind, professionals advise you to take a pause and afterward tackle the inquiry. A few blunders you should avoid while answering the question “How will you describe yourself”:

  • Crossing the 30-60 second-mark while responding to the question
  • Not having the option to hold your train of thought while describing yourself
  • Rambling endlessly and seeing that the questioner has lost interest
  • Facing trouble while delivering or articulating thoughts

These issues emerge when fresher’s or job interview applicants worry themselves the previous night by over-preparing. Try not to do this to yourself. Last-minute preparation is prudent; however, getting stressed on isn’t. It will just leave you watching drained and exhausted on the interview day, which may leave an awful impact on the interviewer.

4.   Work on describing yourself

Make sure to practice for an interview with a dear companion or somebody you trust. The more you’re incited with questions like “How will you describe yourself?” and the more you speak your answers loudly, the more agreeable you will be once you’re sitting opposite your questioner. It is possible to distinguish between interviewees who have practiced interviewing and the individuals who don’t. You, obviously, need to fall into the former group.

Adjective List To Use When Interviewer Asks For One Word Answer

Adjective List:

  • Analytic
  • Confident
  • Calm
  • Organized
  • Collaborative
  • Motivated
  • Detail-oriented
  • Dependable
  • High-achieving
  • Self-starter
  • Tech-savvy
  • Team player

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Other questions that can be answered similarly

The following are other interview questions that can also be answered in a similar way you answer the commonly asked interview question “Describe yourself.”

  1. How much job-oriented are you?
  2. Describe yourself or your personality
  3. Tell me about yourself
  4. Describe yourself as a student
  5. How would you summarize your resume headline?
  6. How would you describe your ideal job?
  7. Explain about yourself


At last, words can be convincing, so think about your word choices before you stroll in for an interview. Doing so will make it simpler for you to pick the best words that will assist you with standing apart among the opposition.

The sample answers, tips, and strategies, as mentioned above, will, without a doubt, help you with handling the interview question “Describe yourself” and related questions quickly and with confidence.

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